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Establishing Brands Since 2013!

Not so old right? So is the creativity, absolutely fresh and innovative because every business needs it to excel. 

Starting from NAMING A BRAND to PROVIDING PROBABLE CUSTOMERS for to clients using different strategies is what we do.

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Increase Brand Awareness Using ROI Based Methods

70% Users don't search beyond top 10

Get More Audience & Increase Engagement 

Businesses go wherever their customers go and where is every customer active these days? Some are on Facebook, some on Instagram, some Twitter and Linkedin and on many other channels. It's part of our and our audience's lives. To why not tap them where they are? 

Our effective social media strategies are developed after thorough understanding of your business goals & are then executed to get maximum results within your given budgets. 

Social media marketing

New AGE of Marketing

Let's Grow Your Brand Where Your Audience Is Active

With most of your audiences available on social media, we have to simply do a research to identify the mediums your audiences are using and simply help your make your brand be available to them. This means getting maximum users from the social media platforms.dsdsds

Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

From Brand strategy to social media marketing excecution, we do everything for business on these platforms

Facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing

Paid advertising, Facebook strategy development & execution and ORM. We help you grow your business on Facebook by targeting around 2.50 billion monthly active users.

Twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing

Not every business needs all platforms, some just need niche communities and strategies. Twitter marketing is for that set of business. We ensure effective execution of Twitter strategies for niche businesses.

Instagram Marketing

Around 25 million business are catering approx 1 billion+ active users on Instagram. So if are among them or want to be one then our Instagram strategy performance can get good resutls.

Linkedin marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Another platform that comes in the niche category is Linkedin. By niche we don't mean it's just B2B, Linkedin's niche marketing has helped various B2B business to grow too. So, we are here to help.

Get Social Media Marketing, relax, now see your business grow!

4.54 billion people are actively scrolling all over the internet everyday to get their needs fulfilled. If your business fits into their needs, 70% of your job is done and if you are able to get your business online, your business will grow exponentially because now you have a chance to cater to this above mentioned no. of people which is kind of you huge. 


Now when you have reached us, you continue doing what you are good at and leave the social media marketing part to us. 

Our clientele in different industries

Industries we have worked with

Online marketing projects we have handled in past have been for these below mentioned industries and more. 



Our clients in health sector wanted to spread knowledge and we developed a strategy around it which made their brand grow on Facebook.



E-magazines that we have worked on got more readers and saw good growth on their social media platforms.



We have worked in the growth models of 2 of our clients in sports sector. One of them was spreading knowledge and other had a lead generation model. Our strategies worked amazingly for both of them.



One of our clients in Astrology was entering the industry with a new concept and we helped them grow their brand on Facebook, Instagram, Linked especially in lead generation.

Social Services (NGO's)

Social Services (NGO's)

Our heart lies with NGO's trying to good for those who can't do for themselves. We have always extended our services for this sector.



This one is our favourite because we have handled social media platforms for our clients in entertainment as well as handled various other set of activities including content.

Who We Are?

A Full Scale Online Business Consulting Company!

Complete online consulting

Our team guides you on every level explaining about each and every element of the online industry that your business might need.

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Logo, poster, banner & website designs all of them are indeed classy. Great work!

Deepa Malik

Padma Shri/ Arjuna Awardee & First Indian woman to win at Paralympics Silver F53 Shot Put

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We couldn't be any happier with the way our revamped site has turned out, and our experience with Finex Media. They took our old website with outdated graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive site. Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains & was helpful even post-launch.

ShunyOm Mani

Author/Meditation Instructor at Sattva Life

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Ashima helped us build our vision into reality. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. She truly understood our needs and went above and beyond in helping us create our Company Logo and Website. We couldn't be more pleased with the website she created for us.

Vineet Kumar

Founder & President at Lenora Energy Services Houston, Texas


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