Website Revamp For Ecommerce Platform

What Our Client Had?

When they came to us.

An ecommerce platform based out of Amritsar, Punjab, India region had been established since almost 2 years. They had got their website created through a freelancer who apparently, did the work and vanished. They were struggling at many levels especially the view of the website which was already outdated and the overall functionality which was lacking on speed and user experience. 

When they came to us, we discussed the issues they were facing. Their key concern was, just like every other business, sales were not boosting. Despite of everything they did, they couldn't understand why. Post a brief discussion with our team, the outcomes was, their website was not opening on mobile, even the UI was complicated with difficulty in navigation. With difficult navigation, it's obvious that the buyer won't make a sale that easy. Hence everyone came to a conclusion that a website revamp could solve their problem. 

  • Enhance their UI - Make the site look better online
  • Boost sales
  • Get better functionality 
  • Responsiveness
Website Revamp Cost

Obviously they were concerned about website revamp cost. Many people think that the website revamp costs are huge because everything is done from scratch. However, our strategy is completely different, we prefer to save our client's cost by working strategically. In this case, our team suggested that we should not scrap everything but use whatever we could in order to make the website revamp cost within their expected budget.

What We Did For Them?

Ecommerce Website revamp for our client

In a nutshell, we took out whatever was available and gave a brand new look to their website. But to elaborate using our website revamp services, we started working out on the layout that would appeal to their target audience and would push them to make a purchase on their website. Each page and element was added keeping this in mind. After an effort of 2.5 months, we came up with an amazing website that our client loved. Wondering why so much time? It's because our client had over 300 products listed on their website that we supposed to transferred to their new site carefully. 

We used their existed logo and content. However, the content later was improved to make it more SEO friendly since we were moving on to marketing the website on Google. We are proud to say that end product was flawless and helped our client boost their sales. 

Not just that, they launched 3 more brands too, one of them being in dry fruits that grew their sales on many established ecommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. 


Photoshop & Illustrator 

Wordpress, PHP


Team that made this powerful work


Ashima Kalra


Sharad Pandey

Lovnish Thakur


Lovnish Thakur

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