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April 17, 2018

To whom so ever this may concern, women don’t take their professional as a hobby

Professional and strong women

I read it somewhere that the world believes that women of India take their profession as hobby. They usually take jobs as a stop gap arrangement before their marriage and sometimes before their pregnancy. May be some might be doing that and I would like to blame them for creating this sort of identity in the industry. But there are lakhs of women out there who take their jobs seriously too. Women of today do not fall into that category at all. They know how to overcome their challenges.

Some attributes that define women of today:

1. They know the art of managing their house and work

Usually they wake up before their families, cook food, clean the house (if they don’t have help), get ready and rush to work. During the evening, they often wish to rush back before their family members arrive to be ready with dinner and other things. Believe me, it’s not that easy but they manage with proud.

2. Nothing goes wrong with their families while they in office

It’s a big myth that those girls, who go out to work, can’t be a good home maker. To me it feels like it’s a rumor spread by those who prefer to stay home by choice, which is not wrong either. Everyone has their preferences. But that doesn’t mean you would judge those who want more in life. A professional lady can be a perfect homemaker too.

3. Their family is their biggest support

Sometimes we want more in life and to achieve all that, we struggle with arrogance. But then their family supports them, this arrogance turn into a proud feeling doubling the efforts and success. With your family backing, things much simpler in life!

4. If some people don’t approve off their professions, they are just kicked off forever

With so many judgmental people around, it’s difficult to survive. Believe me, everyone tries. But the moment you understand that this is just ripping off your energies and potential, usually all the unwanted negative energies are wiped off.

5. With so much happening around yet they manage to travel & spend time with their friends

Now that’s an art and you must appreciate us for that talent. Life’s not easy. It’s very difficult sometimes, especially the emotional and professionals stress yet we know how to take a break from the routine and spend time with those who mean a lot.
So ladies, a huge round of applause to us!

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