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March 21, 2018

5 Posters On Rape That We Need TO Hold To Voice Our Opinion

Stop rape, poster on stopping rape

One after the other, rape cases are becoming common every day in our country. We do candle light march etc to demand justice from law but nothing changes. Despite of years of efforts, the government or the court has not been able to come up with even a single act that can punish this deadly crime. Every day girls are being raped, some die, some survive and the criminals are still there. If one of them is penalized, thousands of more are being born. Why? The issue is definitely with the system but a major issue is within our houses. What do we teach our kids today is what matters!

It seems like guys do not respect women at all. What makes them do such horrible acts? It’s the education what’s lacking at every level.

Here are some posters we think, each of you needs to hold up high today and help the society know what’s not going right:

1. Size of my skirt is not a problem, Size of your brain is!

Poster on stop rape


2. Smile is just a humble gesture, not an invitation to rape me

Stop rape poster, poster on rape

3. NO means NO, can’t you just get it?

Stop rape, poster on stopping rape

4.  Killing her in the womb would be way better than getting her raped!

Rape poster, poster rape


 5. Don’t tell her not to wear skirts, tell him not to look at her legs

Stop rape campaign


 6. Such a pity, till today we have to educate the pervert men in our country

Rape poster

7. Why can you wear what you want and I can’t?

Stop rape poster, poster on rape


Change begins at home. Share more and spread the message.

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